Lead research is a routine task, Generect has automated it

Focus on connecting with people through personalized outreach, while we handle the data research

Improve lead response rates and drive your business forward

We help simplify the process of cold sales. Our product collects real time data by Ideal Customer Profile and helps sales teams launch their marketing email campaigns

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Pay only for result

We have the lowest price comparing to 10  leading platforms for searching leads and verifying emails. Therefore, we can confidently say that our prices are truly the cheapest on the market

$1 / first 30 days

500 credits, cancel anytime

$75 / month

12.000 credits, 10 day money-back guarantee

$0.00625 / valid email

Or $0.00315 / data export
*leads with valid emails are exported for free

About us

Meet our enthusiastic team members who share a common goal – to improve the way sales and marketing professional find their potential customers



Andrii Kolpakov


Front-End Manager

Andrii Danilov


Operations Manager

Max Baranov


Back-End Developer

Igor Semernia


Product Designer

Anastasiia Mamedova


Design Manager

Darina Dovha


Front-End Developer

Artem Ptashenko

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